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What is AAA Member Deals?

Member Deals is a group buying service that is dedicated to broadcasting your business to large numbers of high quality AAA Members.  Currently there are over 53 million AAA Members nationwide.  On average, 6.5 million new Members join AAA each year and AAA has experienced Membership growth every year for the past 20 years.  In addition, Member Deals' best-in-class marketing analytics will provide meaningful buyer profile feedback directly to your business.

How do the AAA Members compare to the general population?

US Adults AAA Members
Men 48.30% 40.60%
Women 51.70% 59.40%
Median Age 45.4 years 52 years
Median HHI $57,400 $74,900
Household Income $100,000+ 25.30% 28.60%
Home Value $500,000+ 10.50% 18.20%
Professional Occupation 33.40% 51.20%
Own a luxury vehicle 9.67% 14.60%
Travel Often 8.50% 21%
Own a valid passport 36% 68.60%
Investments $150,000+ 4.90% 9.14%

Why should my business work with Member Deals?

Three words...Bigger, Better, Best.

Our member base in the United States is BIGGER than any other group buying Member base

The purchasing profile of our members is BETTER than any other buying group

AAA is the BEST brand in the group buying market

There are four broad categories of advertising channels:

  • Traditional Mediums - Newspaper, TV, Radio, Magazine and Yellow page advertising is costly and unreliable.  The results are inconsistent and there is a low amount of accountability attached to results.  The usage of print-based listings was effective in its time.  Both print and electronic versions experience yearly declines in usage as the primary "go-to source" for the vast majority of consumers.  Yellow page advertising is costly and there is dubious accountability for consistent marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization via Google, Yahoo, Bing, amongst others, has unclear value and cost propositions.  It is difficult to understand and apply.  Choosing the right words and phrases is more art than science and there is a poor translation from "activity" (appearing on the search results list) to "accomplishment" (the sale for the target product or service).


    • The ability to reach a targeted audience
    • Risk-free advertisement and promotion
    • No upfront costs
    • Increased Client Base - according to industry statistics, over 75% of participating merchants reported a profitable and positive experience, with the vast majority seeking to repeat the process

How can my business participate in Member Deals?

Please choose the "Get Featured" link at the bottom of the page - your inquiry will be routed directly to a Member Deals representative and you will be provided with additional information, deal details, etc.

Why should I participate if we already provide our "best discount" to AAA Members?

AAA's Show Your Card & Save is the world's largest and arguably, the most valuable discount program.  However, the opportunity to increase the program's awareness level within the AAA Member base exists.  Consequently, AAA Member Deals is looking to increase the Member's awareness of these discounts.  After all, if they are unaware of a potential discount, they will fail to take advantage of it and thus be deprived of substantial savings.

For the AAA Partner Merchant, participating in the AAA Show Your Card & Save program has clear benefits relative to marketing to the highly attractive AAA Member demographic and economic profile.  The solution to increasing awareness is the AAA Member Deals "Day in the Sun" and the Show Your Card & Save "Every Day in the Sun" program.  The "Day in the Sun" is the deal - this advertising blast will be delivered to hundreds of thousands or millions of AAA Members on a no-cost, risk-free basis.  Simultaneously, the "deal" messaging will include a high profile description of the "everyday Show Your Card & Save" discount.  As a result, the AAA Member will not only become aware of the "great deal today" but will also retain the knowledge that there is a valuable discount available EVERY day.

After deciding to advertise with Member Deals, how do I prepare for my big day?

Our staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are ready for your deal.   We will help you with determining:

  • The right number of coupons to sell
  • What kind of supplies you will need to handle the volume for your deal
  • How to work the phone lines and chat boards to handle customer questions
  • How to prepare your staff
  • How to redeem coupons

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